One of the most delightful things that life has to offer is the delights brought by the lovely in pastries, and we all have the pastry chef to thank for bringing these sweet things to come to life. These sweet treats certainly made one of our worst days a little lighter and happier. Whether it is a newfound passion or a long-term childhood dream, being a pastry chef is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful occupations out there. It is one of those jobs that you could passionately and wholesomely commit yourself to. Imagine pouring your heart and hard work towards a delightful pastry that will be placed on a plate or boxes thereafter to make someone smile after a bite or two. Sounds fantastic, right? On that note, have you ever wondered what it is like to be a pastry chef? Or perhaps asked yourself the question…

How can I become a pastry chef?

As everyone’s tastebuds can tell, being a pastry chef is something that requires skills and a significant amount of knowledge. Although there are really no needed qualifications to become a Pastry Chef, it’s most common for them to gain an apprenticeship or a Certificate III in Patisserie. There are many things to learn about equipment, customs, practices, and the must-dos and don’ts inside the kitchen. These may sound a little overboard to some; however, everyone can still be the pastry chef they wish themselves to be. And by that, it means a pastry chef of your own built and liking. Here are some of the ways that you can use as a headstart to be the successful pastry chef you dream yourself to be: 

  1. Know which line of pastry-making you want to dedicate yourself to. Even though it may seem like pastry chefs only focus on making sweet delicacies, many areas make up the pastry industry.  You may want to choose the field that interests you best so you can have the most enjoyable time of your life in the industry.
  2. Make a research of the background of the pastry industry. Nothing beats the advantage of a vast knowledge of the world you’re about to engage in as your starting point. It is better that you have a background of the things you will encounter to get your expectations and hopes accordingly. Moreover, this will serve as your foothold throughout your journey.
  3. Practice your baking skills. Practice makes perfect, but more than that, being a pastry chef means to practice for further improvement. Through practice, you have the chance to hone your skills to the fullest and make your own areas of discovery.
  4. Stick to the mathematical figures of baking. Making pastries also means that you have to deal with several measurements for the pastries your making. It plays a vital role in the succession of your creations. Thus, if you are to be a great patissier, you must master your figures and focus on your goods’ proper measurements. 
  5. Attend vocational courses or a Culinary school. Although this isn’t really required, attending culinary schools and vocational classes may give you an edge in the industry, especially when you learn from the experts in the field. They can teach you the skills you need and provide a great source of encouragement from one Pastry Chef to another. 
  6. Get a career in the industry. Suppose you aim to be a professional Pastry Chef. In that case, nothing beats the lessons that you will be able to learn firsthand in the industry itself. This way, you have the chance to work with the professionals. At the same time, you develop your own etiquettes and techniques that you can use to advance in your career thereafter.

Your journey towards being a Pastry Chef doesn’t end on getting your hands on a certificate, diploma, or learning a few pastry-making techniques. It actually goes further beyond that. Whether you’re aiming to be a professional Pastry Chef or you just wish to be a great Pastry maker for your loved ones; you may want to consider taking pieces of advice from professionals.

These are the words from the pros that will surely encourage you to be the best Pastry Chef you need yourself to be.

Now that you know all the necessary things you have to learn to become a pastry chef, the rest is now up to you. Just remember that all of the greatest Patessiers have the same words to give to a brilliant pastry chef on the making like you, and that is…

To work by heart to be able to create the most heavenly pastries the world could taste.